What is a Mentee?

Anyone who is seeking to gain a Mentor is a Mentee.  The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines a Mentee as: ‘Someone who is given support and advice about their job by a mentor (A more experienced person who helps them).’

Why have a Mentor?

You could benefit from having a DAMA UK Mentor if:

  • You are new to the discipline of data management.  This could include if you are moving into data management for the first time, or a student who intends to develop a career in data management 

  • You are already in data management and want to further enhance or develop your skills and expertise in your specialist areas by receiving advice and guidance from an experienced professional

  • You are a mature data management professional who is already experienced in one or more of the data management disciplines but is moving into new disciplines (e.g. Data Governance, Master Data Management etc.) for the first time

The benefits of being a Mentee include:

  • Receiving confidential and non-judgemental advice and guidance outside your normal organisational or line management structure
  • Enhancing your data management skills 
  • Gaining personal feedback from an independent data management professional

  • Helping you achieve your personal career goals and aspirations

Mentee Resources

Data Management Mentoring - a Decade of Delicate Balance

Article by Nigel Turner

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Mentee Webinar

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How Do I Gain a Mentor?

If you feel you would benefit from having a DAMA UK Mentor, please complete the Mentee application form.

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