What is a Mentor?

DAMA UK has adapted Wikipedia’s definition by defining a mentor as:
‘Someone who gives help and advice to a less experienced person and who can influence thepersonal and professional growth of a mentee.’

Why Become a Mentor?

DAMA UK’s mentoring scheme welcomes applications from data management professionals who are willing to give up a small amount of their time to help and guide DAMA UK members. These members are seeking independent guidance and advice on specific data management disciplines, career advice, professional development etc. Time commitments vary, but typically mentoring would involve around 1-2 hours per month per Mentee.

As a DAMA UK Mentor you will:

  • Help to improve the skills, expertise and confidence of your mentee(s)
  • Learn about other organisations and the challenges they face in data management
  • Raise your profile within DAMA UK and enhance your personal CV
  • Advance the data management profession as a whole in the UK

Mentor Resources

Mentors - We Need You!

Article by Mary Drabble and Nigel Turner

Being a Mentor at DAMA UK

Webinar with Mary Drabble and Nigel Turner

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How Do I Become a Mentor?

If you feel you have knowledge and expertise in one or more data management disciplines that you are willing to share with one or more DAMA UK mentees, please complete the Mentor application form here.

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